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what we invest in

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in companies that can help alleviate poverty through the following thematic focus areas: Sustainable Agricultural & Food Value Chains, Green & Sustainable Jobs & Entrepreneurship, Environment & Nature Conservation

Agriculture & Food production

Without enough food, nothing is possible. We invest in food value chains and sustainable agri-production that enable farmers to grow cash crops & assists them in accessing markets with value-added products.

Examples of projects and businesses we invest in:
– Interventions in- and optimisation of food value chains
– Innovative farming methods and crop diversification
– Processing businesses that add value to farmers’ crops or products
– Initiatives that improve farmers' and producers’ access to markets

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Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Starting a business or getting a job can help people to break out of poverty. We invest in job creation by helping entrepreneurs with skills, training and access to credit & seed capital for innovative businesses.

Examples of projects and businesses we invest in:

- Initiatives that increase young people’s access to work training
- Promising start-ups and mature businesses with a strong social profile
- Provision of credits and seed capital for entrepreneurs and businesses

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Environment & Nature conservation

The world is losing biological diversity at an alarming pace. We invest in projects & businesses that contribute to environmentally sustainable development benefiting the most vulnerable people and societies.

Examples of projects and business we invest in:
- New environmentally sustainable technologies and products
- 'Green tech' innovation schemes and climate friendly agriculture
- Initiatives that protect nature and animal habitat
- Projects that fight desertification, illegal logging, wildlife trafficking

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In exceptional cases, we also invest in innovative projects and business ideas which fall outside our thematic focus but have great potential for social & environmental impact.

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