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Kenya - Africa

Solar powered kiosks for rural Africa

SOLARKIOSKs provide a sustainable and innovative framework for the development of market places tailor-made for rural Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda- connecting farmers and rural entrepreneurs to towns, cities and formalized markets.

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At the end of June 2017 BESTSELLER FOUNDATION formalized an investment into SOLARKIOSK AG that will see SOLARKIOSK increase the number of kiosks – dubbed E-HUBBS – that it currently has in its core countries of operation in East Africa; Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. 

The solar panels that lend their name to the business are the backbone of mini-grids that can power E- HUBBS in a number of configurations depending on the context – e.g. a market place, a health center, a business hub or a mix thereof.

Ultimately the infrastructure provided and the services offered are based on the needs of the community – and as it spurs growth in the community the modular and flexible setup can be re-configured to respond to the changing needs and demands of the members of the community – development at its finest. 

 Development at its finest 

The investment will enable SOLARKIOSK to set up an additional 85 E-HUBBS and with an average of 5,000 households in the catchment area of each E-HUBB some 425,000 households will feel the difference a nearby E-HUBB makes. In addition E-HUBB operators will be recruited locally – in some places one and in other places two – which will create direct employment for approximately 120 people.

There’s a strong mission alignment between BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and SOLARKIOSK which provides the basis for a solid partnership that will enable, empower and enhance the sustainable economic development of communities at the base of the pyramid. 

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s director, Kristian Sloth Petersen, says that the foundation looks forward to a joint push towards further refining the SOLARKIOSK connected solar market centers and turn them into dynamic, smart and modern rural market places.

“SOLARKIOSK’s concept and technology are ingredients of a remarkable model that has the potential to be a game-changer in Africa and elsewhere where people are ‘dis-connected’. Our investment combined with lots of work and dedication will pave the last mile to the underserved communities at the base of the pyramid. We will walk the last mile together,” says Kristian Sloth Petersen. 

 We will walk the last mile together 

SOLARKIOSK’S CEO, Andreas Spiess, adds that the SOLARKIOSK team and founders are delighted to be entering together with BESTSELLER FOUNDATION into a new phase of growth. 

“First of all, we feel that BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and SOLARKIOSK are completely mission/vision aligned which will allow us to focus not only on profitability, but also sustainable impact. Secondly, the depth and breadth of BESTSELLER FOUNDATION´s board experience adds perfect to the background of our founders and board members. In simple words: a perfect match!,” says Andreas Spiess. 

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