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Kenya - Africa

Lighting up villages

Through off-grid electricity provider M-Kopa Solar, more than 35,000 new solar power units will be distributed and sold at an affordable price to households in East Africa that have not previously had access to power.

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Jobs & Entrepreneurship
Lighting up villages
Kenya Africa
5,000,000 DKK
M-Kopa Solar
Aug 2015 Aug 2018

Africa is home to 590 million people with no connection to an electric grid. Most people rely on kerosene lamps which is not only dangerous due to fire, it also pollutes the indoor climate.

Accelerating off-grid electricity
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION provides a grant to M-Kopa Solar which delivers "pay as you go" energy to off-grid customers. 

The grant will enable M-Kopa Solar to purchase 8,300 new solar power units that they will distribute and sell at affordable price to poor households in East Africa.

Affordable electricity - not free 
It does not empower people to receive things for free, so the solar units will be sold via the M-Kopa's distribution channels. 
The customers pay a deposit of $35 of to buy the solar-powered unit followed by mobile banking tranfers of $0.45 per day for one year.  The costumers have one year to pay a total of $200. When the money is paid, they own the unit.

Grant & Working capital 
The payment from the customers that buy the 8,300 solar power units from M-Kopa units will be returned into a specific BESTSELLER account which will be recycled into working capital for additional customers during the grant term.

As the 'working capital cycle' is approximately 9 months, there will be four full cycles of the USD 706,000 during a three year grant term. Therefore, a total of 33,200 units are expected to be purchased with the grant funds benefiting approximately 165,000 individuals assuming that a family consist of five persons or more.

The grant is working in four cycles within three years making it possible to distribute lights to approximately 165,000 persons. 

this project will

  • Help purchase, distribute and sell a total of +35,000 solar power unit in Kenya (55%) , Uganda (30%) and Tanzania (15%)
  • Help fund the solar device purchases for five new rural service centres (stocking depots) in Uganda 
  • Help fund three new service centres in Tanzania 

key results - ongoing

Kenya - Africa

Kenya  is a country in Eastern Africa. 

The country is located on the equator with the Indian Ocean to the south-east and is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east.

 The capital, Nairobi, is a regional commercial hub. Agriculture is a major employer; the country exports tea and coffee and  fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is also a major economic driver.