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Wuh Ting Hua

Wuh has witnessed how new water pumps, water cellars and irrigation schemes have transformed his village

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Meet Wuh Ting Hua (74), a senior citizen of Ruoli, who has witnessed how his village has developed with his own eyes.

The old man stays in a traditional house with his wife Bai Xiu Lan (71)  in the poor and drought ridden community of Ruoli in central China – a village which has received substantial support from BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and its local partners over the past years.

He and his wife share a humble homestead with their son, daughter in-law and their three  grandchildren. Wearing his grandfather’s 100 year old glasses, Wuh Ting Hua tells us of old days, when he used to be the local village chief and how he and his wife first met 58 years ago.

Water improvements
Wuh Ting Hua explains that life was tough before BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and the local government constructed water pumps, installe water cellars and laid out irrigation for the fields. When he was younger, there was no water, no tractors in the fields and all work in the fields was done manually. 

Before water was brough to the villages through pumps and water collections, the villagers had to walk for 5-6 hours each way to collect water from the Yellow River. That would be enough water for a househol for two days.

 When people move they survive. When tree moves , they die (old Chinese proverb) 

Staying behind – despite the challenges
Ideally, Wuh Ting Hua would like to move to an easier place – closer to hospitals, roads and markets.

But because of poverty and limited ressources they have little chances of surviving in a new place.  


The support from BESTSELLER FOUNDATION implementing partners helps Wuh Ting Hua  and his wife remain in the villages and to continue farming.

”As long as there is enough food on the table - all is good”, Wuh Ting Hua argues.

He and his wife oversses 40 MU of land, where they grow maize, beans, potatoes and wheat.