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Wang Nai Ping

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Meet Wang Nai Ping, sheep breeding champion of Ruoli community. He is a happily married man with three children (9, 1 year and 1 month) who all stay with him at his large homestead - which also hosts 320 sheep and goats.

Wang Nai Ping is one of the successful farmers who have benefited from the new micro credit scheme that was launched by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and its implementing partners in Ruoli. 

 Micro loans give us an opportunity to scale up our animal breeding which is a unique opportunity to make more money 

Microcredit for the poor
In rural areas like Ruoli, very few bank will give ‘real loans’ to poor farmers due to the lack of collateral. The microcredit scheme helps farmers obtain loans through collective responsibility and more favourable conditions.

Wang Nai Ping has taken several loans to grow his sheep herd - and with time his business has grown to an extent that he can now also obtain loans from the local agri bank, which would otherwise never have assisted him. He currently has 320 sheep and goats.

 I grow and breed sheep. I make my profit by buying young sheep and goats at a low price - and then I look after them and fatten them for 100 days, and then I sell them at an increased price 

Sheep business – the facts
Wang Nai Ping usually buys his young sheep and goats at 330 RMB ($50 USD). He then invests approximately 300 RMB ($45 USD) in fodder and vitamins in the course of the 100 days he keeps them. 

If he manages well and the goats and sheep have grown well, he will be able to sell each of them at 700-750 RMB ($107-115 USD), giving him a net profit of approximately 100-150 RMB ($15-22 USD) per sheep or goat.