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Li Yu Feng

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Li Yu Feng has lived in the dry and mountainous community of Ruoli her entire life.  

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION meets her in the field on a hot day - picking seffle flowers from her bushes. Wearing a sun-shade hat, she is collecting the flowers which can be used for traditional medicine together with her son son Zhang De and her daughter in-law Xiao Guan Ying.  

Training for profit
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s implementing partner and local authorities have carried out a number of training sessions to help the poor farmers improve their farming methods. 

Together with her family members, Li Yu Feng caters for 70-80 MU (11,5-13 acres) of land. Seffle flower is without doubt her most valuable crop at the moment.

 The training on saffle flower plantation was very good for us. The training has helped us earn 400-500 RMB more per 1 MU (0,2 acres) due to newer and more effective farming methods 

Access to market is the challenge
Li Yu Feng faces the same as most farmers in the remote and mountainous community of Ruoli.

Few know where or how to take their crops to sell them in the bigger towns. Instead they rely on buyers coming to their fields and buying directly from them – often at a poor price.

 I want to join hands with other farmers so that we can go together to sell in collaboration – so we can get a better price