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Li Qi Li

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Li Qi Li is an aging farmer from the drought plagued community of Ruoli in Central China.

Like many other farmers, we meet him on his way barefoot to one of his farm plots to check on his crops.

Keeping strong – despite his age
Despite severe back problems, and mature in age - Li Qi Li and his wife still take care of 20 MU (3,3 acres) of land planted with maize and beans. A solid crop, the the harvest of 10 MUs (1,65 acres)planted with beans will bring him 2000 RMB this season.

 I am forever grateful for all the help and support we received from BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and their local partners 

Li Qi Li received alternative ’test crops’ from BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s implementing partner in Ruoli and participated in various trainings to be able to uphold his farming activities despite the harsh climate. 

With trainings and inputs for their farm plots, he is now feels well equipped to continue farming. However, Li Qi Li puts the support efforts into perspective, underlining the fate of all farmers: 

 Even with the best seeds, the best training and the best practices, - we still rely on the rains for our crops to grow