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Gao Sheng Ying

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Meet Gao Sheng Yun, a middle aged women – who enjoys participating in the training session offered by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s partners and the local authorities.  

Trainings with value
Together with fellow villagers, Gao Sheng Yun is eager to participate in the many trainings taking place at the community centre.

Different teachers and instructors has taught her how treat animal diseases, plantation of potato and maize and how to prevent plant pest.

Sometimes trainings are more oriented towards the household – including sewing, cooking and basic health issues.

 I join the trainings to get more information (…) At today’s training, I learnt how to knit head-covers and hats for children. Later I will learn how to do the hats for adults 

Gao Sheng Yun gladly explains how her family’s life has improved over the years. According to herself, their life is much more comfortable.

Among many improvements, BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s partners and the local authorities have installed tap water and constructed water-cellars to collect rain water in the villages.