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Grace Ndlovu

Grace is a hard working farmer and sole provider for a familiy of 10 who is trying to establish a commercial market stand and a warehouse to increase her sales

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Grace resides in the drought plagued Sobendle Ward, Lupane and oversees a household with nine oprhaned grandchildren. 

Irrigation farming
Supported by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s partners Christian Care & DanChurchAid Grace is a lucky member of a government irrigation scheme which is empowering poor farmers in Lupane District –  an area notorious for poor rainfalls and limited access to natural water.

Joint 'responsibility'
Together with 63 farmers she has access to 28 Ha. of irrigated land. The land is watered through an irrigation scheme which is linked to the nearby dam.

This set up enables her to grow green vegetables - a rarety in the area - which can therefore be sold at a good price.  

 We are doing well, growing the crops, our problem is accessing the markets. We are 15 km away from the main road, and with an ailing economy, fewer people are now coming here to buy their vegetables. 

Poor negotiation skills
Grace and the other farmers have tried to set a fixed price for different crops, but often fail to uphold it, since costumers are few and out of desperation many feel obliged to sell their produce under valued. Often customers argue that they should discount the price, because the farm is so far away from the road etc etc. 

Sadly, the farmers’ negotiation position is weak because their farm is isolated from the main transport roads.

A commercial selling point
Encouraged by BESTSELLER FOUNDATIONs partners, Grace and the 63 other farmers are now trying to establish a commercial market stand and a warehouse by the main road, some 15 km away.  They have been allocated a piece of land, and each of the 64 members now contribute with 10 USD monthly which will help finance the building of the market stands.

Once it is built, hundreds of cars and people will pass by daily, so Grace’s and other farmers’ produce will be exposed more and they will be able to negotiate a higher price for the vegetables.