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Meet Samuel
Samuel Okide is a local farmer, who lives 1km from the school, in Pokegne village (which is part of the Pabbo sub-county). With his wife Concy and three children: Patrick (in P7), Denis (in P5) and Mercy (in P1), Samuel grows rice, beans, cassava, and millet.

Currently, Samuel’s crop production only just covers his family’s basic needs - if the planting season has been too hot or rainy, many of his crops fail and the family struggles. 

Through the School Garden project funded by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION, Samuel is now getting a lot of new knowledge in farming. Even though he has farmed for years, he is now learning how to settle the land before 2nd ploughing, prepare nursery beds and increased his knowledge about seeds. 

Most importantly, since joining the gardens group, Samuel has been applied his newly learned skill to his own gardens to improve his own crop production.

 The things I learn, I replicate at home so that my wife also learns and pass it on to the children, so the entire home will benefit from this training 

As well as gaining new skills, Samuel feels that his increased involvement in the garden is contributing even to the children’s performance.

Prior to being part of the school gardens, Samuel would only visit his children’s school twice a year: to pay fees, and to attend the annual school meeting, but now its different.

Now he frequents the children's classroom often. By involving himself in the school - it has also helped him monitor his children attendance. Often the children leave for school in the morning, but they actually dodge classes.

With his presence in the garden, the children’s attendance has improved, and they even did better in their last exams.

 I am a very motivated parent and I take my children’s education very seriously- and so, whatever money I get I want to use for my children’s fees, and scholastic materials