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Henry Ambwere

Henry is the CEO of MolaPlus - one of several promising Agri start-ups that participated in BSF funded GrowthAfrica mentorship programme

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Meet Henry !
He is the the proud founder/CEO of MolaPlus Ltd - a small family owned business in Nakuru manufacturing animal nutritional supplements for dairy and poultry farmers.

MolaPlus was one of several promising 'start-ups' that participated in GrowthHub's Agritech track supported by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION in 2013-2014.

Henry's company provides livestock supplements that increase the productivity of dairy, poultry and beef cattle farmers. I.e. the 'Molar Plus Super' product can increase an average cow's milk production with 1-5 liter a day

Before joining the BESTSELLER FOUNDATION supported Agritech track at GrowthHub, the founder & CEO, Henry Ambwere, was comfortable running the family business to pay bills, educate his kids and put food on the table.

Waking up to great potential
Henry Ambitious Ambwere, realized that his business had the potential to create a huge impact.

During the mentor-ship sessions at GrowthHub, the team got an opportunity to look at their products, and services and the impact they were creating. 

 The programme helped me overcome obstacles in business and expand while also gaining necessary skills and knowledge and access to a reliable network for funding and partnerships. 

For months, various experts and mentors provided input and helped initiatives like Mola Plus develop and improve their business model.

It also motivated Henry to position himself when he met with some of Africa's preferred livestock experts and manufacturers of animal nutritional supplements.

The GrowthHub agritech track also provided Henry and his company with the opportunity to interact with other promising start-ups operating within the agri-business sector.

When asked of the experience in GrowthHub's Agritech programme, Henry said:

 We are truly grateful for the opportunity that you have given to us for we have learnt and have come out a lot wiser. I and my team appreciates all that we have learnt and hope to continue working together in the future.