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How we invest

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in small and medium-sized enterprises through equity and loans. In rare cases seed capital is given.

Equity & Shares

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION can invest with equity and through shares when prospects for commercial success of businesses with social impact are high if given access to additional capital.

Profits will be reinvested in other social impact projects and businesses.

All equity projects


BESTSELLER FOUNDATION provides loans to small and medium-sized enterprises that have a focus on social as well as financial returns - and/or contribute to tackling the immense environmental challenges that the world faces.

Terms and conditions vary and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Profits accrued from collection of interest will be reinvested.

All loan projects


BESTSELLER FOUNDATION gives seed capital on very rare occassions. In some cases grants may be given for strategical purposes - most often in combination with an investment or a loan - to boost the impact element of a business or to cement the foundation for a sustainable business.


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