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How to partner

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION takes pride in being an active partner
Our partnerships take different shapes and vary depending on the nature
and scope of the project or business


Our partnerships take many shapes and vary depending on the nature, scope, and size of the company we partner with.

The application cycle may start through with an e-mail or it may start semi-informally though meetings in person with potential partners.

In the panels below we have highlighted some of the issues that we would like you to consider before getting in touch.

Values & Principles

Companies who wish to partner with BESTSELLER FOUNDATION should subscribe to the following values that guide our work:

– Solutions oriented 
– simple and efficient
– Respect for nature and the environment
– Honest, open, accountable
– Respect for diversity
– Gender equality


Does your company of the business you own match our thematic focus?
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in businesses that make an impact through the following: 

  • Food and agricultural value chains
  • Connecting the base of the pyramid
  • Renewable energy
  • Nature conservation
  • Waste as a resource
  • Design to innovate – from local challenges to global solutions
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Does your project or business idea match our geographical focus?
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in projects and businesses that can help alleviate poverty in the following areas:  

  • Southern and Eastern Africa 
  • India

In exceptional cases the foundation may invest in innovative initiatives that help marginalised people elsewhere



BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests directly in businesses in East and Southern Africa and India.

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION makes equity, debt, and convertible debt investments into companies that already have some traction and have documented proof of concept.



BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in companies that already have some traction and have documented proof of concept.

Social impact and environmental impacts are key in new investments and as profitability increases BESTSELLER FOUNDATION expects social and environmental impact to increase too – in other words both should be integrated into the business model.



We are always happy to hear from companies or individuals who think they can help fulfill the vision of making a difference for nature and people through business.

Bear in mind that we do NOT fund ideas only - you need to have some proof of concept. We also do NOT give grants.

We look forward to hearing from you!