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How to partner

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION takes pride in being an active partner
Our partnerships take many shapes and vary depending on the nature
and scope of the project or business


Our partnerships take many shapes and vary depending on the nature and scope of business er partner with.

There is no formalised application cycle, or a specific procedure for initiating dialogue with potential partners.

A dialogue may start with a phone call or an email with a 2-3 pages concept note

Based on this, we will determine whether there is potential for a meeting where we can discuss our involvement further

In the panels below we have highlighted some of the issues that we would like you to consider before you present your idea. 

Values & Principles

People, private and public organisations and companies who wish to partner with BESTSELLER FOUNDATION should subscribe to the following values that guide our work:

– Strong sense of solidarity with poor people
– Focus on poverty reduction and environmental sustainability
– Focus on results
– Self-sustaining long term development
– Honesty, openness and accountability
– Respect for diversity between people
– Equality between women and men
– Simplicity and efficiency
– Independence


Does your project or business idea match our thematic focus?
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in projects & businesses that can help alleviate poverty through the following: 

  • Sustainable Agricultural and Food Value Chains
  • Green and Sustainable Jobs and Entrepreneurship
  • Environment and Nature Conservation
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Does your project or business idea match our geographical focus?
BESTSELLER FOUNDATION invests in projects and businesses that can help alleviate poverty in the following areas:  

  • Southern and Eastern Africa 
  • India

In exceptional cases the foundation may invest in innovative initiatives that help marginalised people elsewhere



BESTSELLER FOUNDATION mainly invests in for-profit projects with commercial actors through either of the following investment mechanisms. 

  • Equity and shares
  • Provision of loans

In rare cases seed capital may be given - most often to help pave the way for a future investment

Read our conditions for equity/shares and loans below.



BESTSELLER FOUNDATION mainly invests in medium size enterprises - but can also collaborate with other players if there is a strong case for social and/or environmental impact 

We invest in and partner with:

  • Private companies and start-ups with a social/environmental profile


If you believe your business matches the above and wish to forward a proposal or a concept note, please limit yourself to 2-3 pages including 

  • A brief description of the project or business case and its target group,
  • A short background about the applicant and implementing capacity,
  • Approximate size (and type) of funds needed

Business cases that are innovative, cost-efficient and explore new business models with profound social impact are particularly welcomed.